Create an Account on LinkedIn

Learn how to create a new LinkedIn profile to get started with Linkedofy and empower your business online


Buying Licenses for Linkedofy

Get started by purchasing the right license pertaining to your business needs and obtaining your license key for activation

Installing & Activating Linkedofy

Follow our walk-through to download Linkedofy, install it and activate it so you have no trouble with this one-time process.

Creating Campaigns

Making Your First Connection

Learn what it takes to start building a network on LinkedIn so you can use Likedofy to supercharge your profile with the best connections

Filtering Your LinkedIn Search Results

It’s easy to get drowned in the results you find. Here’s a quick guide to LinkedIn’s filters allowing you to fine-tune your search and get the results you’re looking for

Send Automatic Message to 1st Connections

Automatically send hundreds of personalised messages in minutes to reach out to prospective clients.

Monitoring Performance

Send Auto invites to 2nd, 3rd Connections & Expand Your Network

It’s never been easier to automatically send hundreds of personalised connection requests in minutes to grow your network and engage new prospect clients.

Auto Visit and Follow profiles to broaden your outreach

Automatically visit and follow targeted profiles to increase awareness of your products and services.

Increase your attention quotient by Auto Endorse

Auto Endorse your contacts to get attention and endorsed in return. This widens your reach auto-magically.

Create Lead Generation Funnel

Create contact list for your marketing campaigns. Save the list for future contacts.